Altai Pilgrim Projects are small-scale, creative projects that support the initiatives of Altai friends and colleagues. These projects are supported by the Altai Pilgrim Friendship Circle.  To find out more or to make a donation contact

Current Projects:

Elders in Translation by Joanna Dobson Facebook Page

Translation and Publication of Manuscripts on Altai White Faith by N.Shodoev (Museum of Altai Spiritual Culture)

‘Spiritual Wisdom from the Altai Mountains, Altai Bilik’ by Nikolai A. Shodoev -Translation and publication of a small intimate book by Altai elder and director of the Altai Museum for Spiritual Culture. This is the first book in English translation of the words of an Altai elder. Available on Amazon. 200 copies donated to the N.A. Shodoev’s museum in Altai. (Completed 2012)

Painting for Preservation’ Project Update: Text of Presentation given at 2 international rock art conferences autumn 2011. See also slideshows on Artwork – ‘Images from Ancient Altai’ page. Drawing awareness to the cultural tragedy and destruction of sacred rock art sanctuaries in the Altai. Using creative approaches to raise public awarness for preservation efforts.

‘Supporting Altai Indigenous Ecotourism Development’ – Talk Given in October 2011 at UNDP/GEF International Practical Conference ‘Ecotourism, Climate, Local Communities – Developing Ecological Tourism as a Climate Change Adaptation Means for Local Communities in the Altai-Sayan

Translation into English of Altai Conservation Film ‘Pines of Askat’ – click link to see film (Completed 2010)

Contemporary theatrical interpretation of ancient rock art sites – Working in the field with a group of Russian theatre students exploring narrative compositions, especially the deer image, in the ancient rock art of Altai

‘In their own words’ – Altai/English school translation project (Completed 2010)

2 responses to “Projects

  1. Joanna I really like the work you have been able to accomplish this winter in the BIG city! This website is so interactive and you have gotten a lot of hits it looks like. Congratulations.
    Hopefully we will be back in the Altai fall 2011.

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