The ALTAI PILGRIM blog shares pages of my life from a decade in the Altai Republic of Siberia. The blog contains travel pieces on trekking in the field working as translator or exploring the mountains searching for rock art; I’ve included some diary entries from when I was first living with the Altai indigenous community in the Ongudai Region, learning to chop wood, hack ice, lob cow pat and steal coal….

The depth of the Altai spiritual philosophy dawned on me slowly and came via the land, friendship, and evening chats around the hearth. What I learned during this time now comprises much of my guiding principles in life. Grappling with these ideas is a thread that runs through my writing.

My connection with Altai continues and I am writing a travel novel about my experiences there. I currently live in London where I am exploring the world of capoeira. If you enjoy my writing check out MY CAPOEIRA DIARY on wordpress.

Write to me at altaipilgrim@live.com or via the About.Me link if you have thoughts to share.

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