A Note of Confidence

There are so many things I feel insecure about in this gift life I am living. All those fretful hours make me fear that ‘worrying’ has simply become a habit. Yet, as I mature in age I find at last, a confidence appearing that comes from none of the places I thought it would; not in realising I already had the figure I always wanted; not in being found desirable; not in establishing my career, nor in earning more money.

The moments in which I experience iron rod confidence are the moments in which I see the spirits are present. In these moments I am strong and freed by the strength of pure integrity – not because the spirits give me strength, but because my certainty of their presence is immune to any doubt… that this be the source of my confidence remains an unfathomable revelation on my path into adulthood.

To the sacred lands of Altai and the capoeira roda, thank you.

2 responses to “A Note of Confidence

  1. “…but because my certainty of their presence is immune to any doubt.” — And that which rings true to me as well.

    Fear, uncertainty, and doubt made manifest by the world as interpreted by me. Outside in, crazed, and noisy. I feel it attempt to bend and hammer that “iron rod” into misshaped angles and turns.

    For me, it is connections – new and old – that bring me back to true. These “inside” spirits of which you speak, never doubting perhaps me to not forget them.

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