2011 The Year of the Hare



The year of the hare, the metal hare to be precise. What a fantastic combination!  See below for my 2011 slideshow (in place of new year resolutions)

As always, the New Year holidays are a time for contemplation, letting go of the old and negative, focusing on the new.

It used to be the case that I wrote a list of new year resolutions on a piece of paper, a list of good intentions: eat more nourishing food; get fit, be polite etc. Post New Age movement however, the ‘power of thought’ and ‘positive affirmation’  have moved New Year resolutions into a different arena.  Now we acknowledge the power of intention and positive thought as untapped creative powers and anyone who is truly awakened is either living in the ‘now’ in total acceptance with no need for yearly resolutions or is engaging in a new type of emerging leadership in which personal values, talents, goal setting and the positive affirmations required to attain and realise them is an ongoing activity. New Year resolutions have really faded into the background in the light of more serious competition.  Setting ‘good’ resolutions has been replaced by the requirement to change the way you think. That’s quite a difference.

Fortunately, people like Neale Donald Walsch take the pressure off a little by reminding us that the creative energy those thoughts require to be made manifest is in fact ‘God’ and that rather than manipulating that energy for our own selfish ego-directed goals if we were simply to love ourselves, those around us AND the limits of the specific life we are living  THEN we would automatically start experiencing what we imagine we would be feeling if we had the enlightenment, porsche, peace and success we so desire.

The other thing that has changed is the significance of the goals we set ourselves. What might a new year’s resolution goal have been? To get promoted? To achieve better exam results? Now people desire to  clearly define their soul’s purpose; to make this incarnation really count by being able to find the connection between the soul’s purpose and the physical reality of this life journey. The stakes have been risen, perhaps because today the possibilities seem endless or perhaps because times are changing and we see the essential need for a shift in consciousness. ‘Old’ ways of thinking and ‘doing’ are falling away. People sense the need for renewal and hear the message that if humanity is going to be capable of ‘upgrading’ to create a responsible future then we must ALL be functioning on all cylinders. The message is seeping through that change can be initiated by the individual who is able to find their unique authentic voice and create a life that is based on their personal values. That’s a tall order. It’s going to require being both ‘relaxed’ and at least a little ‘upbeat’. 

I look forward to visiting Altai over the last days of the holidays partly because I know that the predominent topic of conversation by the hearths we shall visit will be the prediction for the year.  As far as I am aware, none of my Altai friends write New Year resolutions. Indeed it is not quite Altai New Year yet.  ‘Chaga Bairam’ comes a little later in February. The tendencies and pressures developing in Altai are very different to those developing in the west. Despite that, I see a huge amount in common between certain Altai cultural values and principles that are being re-integrated in the west. I leave you with two additions. One is a short text by Altai elder Nikolai Shodoev in which he writes about the instructions for teaching love and harmony in accordance with the laws of the natural world. (Translated into English by Joanna Dobson.) The second is my 2011 slideshow ‘2011 Year of the Hare’ to stay upbeat. Hope you like it!

“1. One must determine one’s true purpose in life (d‘yuryumnin amaduzyn). Be mindful—it is feeling rather than rational thought that must dictate action.
2. One must constantly support the inner desire to reveal more about one’s own life purpose. Step by step one learns to overcome the obstacles, displaying strong will power, constantly searching for that which is new and recreating one’s life for the better.

3. To fulfill the second instruction one must seek to provide oneself with strong moral and spiritual guidance (alkyn), and develop principles (alad‘ak) applicable to practical matters. These may include intentions such as acknowledging and correcting one’s mistakes, helping other people, becoming less dependent on stimulants, visiting one’s parents, taking time to talk to children, etc. Alkyn (guidance) is developed over a long period of time within oneself whereas alad‘ak(principles) are developed through action.

4. To develop good instruction in one’s daily life it is essential to develop “long will” (chydun), and enlighten one’s mind with wisdom (oi), raising one’s awareness of how to act most justly, how to overcome discord and disagreement among others, how to refine one’s goal and remain focused on that goal for the good of all. Ala(harmony) is contained within this idea: discovering the purpose and significance of human life and of one’s place and purpose on Earth; belief in the continuation of the human race; striving to be happy. He is happy who continues to create goodness in their own life and the life of others. ”

 Translated into English by Joanna Dobson


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