Conservation Film ‘The Pines of Askat’

THE PINES OF ASKAT   by Lena Chevalkova, translation into English by Joanna Dobson

 This film by Lena is exactly what’s needed to draw attention to the types of issues local people face in Altai.  This is the first time I have ever used the Corel videostudio software to subtitle a film so if there are any glitches these should not reflect on Lena’s original film project.

‘The Pines of Askat’ was created to conserve the pine forests on the banks of the Katun River which are currently disappearing under pressure from the tourist industry. The film describes one of the most beautiful corners of Altai and homeland of Altai artist, G.I.Choros-Gurkin. The film raises two issues: the conservation of this unique natural, cultural and historical heritage and the relationship of contemporary landowners towards the land – the common essential source of life and abundance.

One response to “Conservation Film ‘The Pines of Askat’

  1. Beautiful film, heartbreaking, we already saw and commented on this trend barely a couple of years ago. May we all wake up before it is too late!

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