There’s No Need to Hide

‘There’s no need to hide because I’m open inside’, Jarrah


Please read this post to the end because the jewel comes at the very end with the Jarrah link. This is a resource post. So, Terry Pattern’s teleseries has steadied me as it offers the opportunity for intellectual and then more soulful exploration. Below, I simply share links to what I have found to be the highlights in case you need something to inspire and haven’t come across these people.  Before I moved to Siberia in 2002 I spent several years diving into what the New Age movement had to offer. I studied homoeopathy, went to an ‘empaths’ development and support group, studied meditation, crystal healing, read about the American Indian elders and shamanic traditions around the world,watched The Matrix, discovered 5 Rythms dancing, John De Ruiter, Satipatthana, Raj and A Course in Miracles.

I took the red pill with no regret. At the end of this exploration unconditional love emerged as the highest principle. Beyond that I began to value the power of physical movement, breathing and meditation to quiet the mind enough to experience the spirit of one’s true self. Beyond that, I discovered that aside from the human heart, the natural world was most sacred in my life. Nature became my sacred text, the places I read for the parables. 

 Establishing these values took me to Altai, to learn more and I have been in Siberia for almost eight years. During that time I lived without a television; when I had internet facilities they were modest and limited mainly to email; I only read books in Russian. Whilst finding myself ‘at the source’, I was living  He has interviewed philosopher Ken Wilber, teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment Andrew Cohen, Feminine Power co-founder Claire Zammit and most recently, Gangaji. The links take you to the audio reply of the teleseries interview.  It has been extremely interesting to listen to what these remarkable individuals have to say and reflect upon their ideas in the context of what I have learned about Altai and the Altai indigenous people.To my surprise I really enjoyed the interview with Claire Zammit. I usually switch off when people talk about feminine power because it evokes associations of pushiness and effort. Claire Zammit however, is really smart. I listened to a discourse about a book called “Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart” on the Women on the Edge of Evolution audio library site. On this site there is a ‘Click to ListI think the absolute best of all this rain is discovering Gangaji. I watched this woman on a UTube video and couldn’t take my eyes off her. She speaks slowly and it is clear that she is drawing on great depth and clarity. As a taster check out the Peace video. If you do nothing else upon reading this, at least give yourself the gift of the Jarrah video opposite.

in an intense, local system, unaware of how the so-called spiritual search has been developing in the west over the past eight years. Tuning into Terry Pattern’s teleseries ‘Beyond Awakening’ is like taking a crash course in catching up.

en’ button which plays the discussion of the book. It begins slowly but stick with it. During the discussion the phone lines are opened and a couple of women make a comment. The second woman who speaks says that there is a drought where she lives and that these women are the rain. Her words are golden.  

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