The Tying Post


When the earth shakes you need something to hold on to. What’s your tethering post?

Personal earthquake – leaving Altai for Akademgorodok.

No doubt, you have already found the Altai Republic on the map (if published after 1992) at the junction of the Siberian taiga,
the steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia’s semi-deserts.  This is where you will find Altai in the exterior world but Altai is also located in the interior
 world of the Altai people and others who have become a part of it. In my own European experience of living on this sacred land there are huge amounts
of free energy in the atmosphere which, given enough time, grow into a person’s energy field in a process one might describe as energetic ‘tree-grafting’.
Given total immersion in such powerful currents one is forced to work with heart and psychic energy as one is grafted into the system. Wonderful.
 But what do you do if you decide to write a book and need an objective environment in which to engage one’s brain for reflection etc?
Where do you go once you’ve been grafted? 


Akademgorodok – ‘Academy Town’, Novosibirsk Region, Siberia


So, I arrived on a totally different planet, ‘the elite academic environment of ‘Akademgorodok’. Altai is pumping with power and life. There one lives collectively. Perhaps, one could say that the predominating mythical-poetical worldview is seeking to bridge to the rational world of science in order to find validation. Akademgorodok seems limp in heart and live-force by comparison and yet, is a centre of intellectual exploration. Making the shift was like experiencing a mini personal earthquake. As I look around and fumble the rocks I find that there are none of the familiar footholds for the soul. I needed a tethering post to hold on to; that symbol which resides in the same semantic group as the world tree or sacred mountain; the one thing that brings order to the world, bringing to harmony all stages of life and all aspects of one’s being. In the Altai mountain valleys, as soon as you see a tethering post, symbol of the male energy, you know there is a home and you are safe. So, when your heart is torn and the ground shakes, what do you hold on to? In the absence of anything resembling a tethering post, I guess, you pray or ‘ask life’ as we say now.

This is what came up; a horizontal tethering post; a series of webcasts called Healing With The Masters  and even better Beyond Awakening.

These two teleseries are quite different in content. Healing With The Masters is uplifting, soothing. Beyond Awakening is

intellectually more challenging…..have a look if you need a foothold and don’t have a tethering post. 😉

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