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    “ 2010 – A year kissed by God”

   This blog journal was created today, third day of the February new moon,   Ongudai Region, Altai Republic. Today is Altai New Year ‘Chaga Bairam’ and the celebrations   will continue for about a week. In Ongudai  ‘Chaga Bairam’ will be celebrated this coming Saturday, 20th February. In the mean time, if you are interested to  know where   the Altai Republic is situated you can easily find it on a world map. Altai lies at the southernmost part of Siberia. It is bordered by Mongolia, China and kazakhstan.

 According to the Altai calendar, 2010 is the year of the tiger.  They say that in the year of the tiger long dreamt of projects can be realized.  It is a year that comes with blessing. It is a year ‘kissed by God’ as my Altai friend put it. This year there can be no regret for energy put into the things one longs to achieve, for if ever there was to be accomplishment, then this is the year.

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